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Open vs Sole Listings

Posted on April 23, 2018
“Open Listing” means owner of the property can let as many agents as possible to market his/her property & will pay a commission only to an agent who can find the buyer/renter to the owner. In this case, any agent with the potential buyer/renter can approach owner directly & close the deal, other agents all lose out & get nothing at all. Pros:  Free to work with any agents Can avoid giving sole listing to
Outdated Design Features That Need To Go!! There are some outdated design features that could cause huge problems in your home should you decide to sell or rent it. You may love a particular style, but the majority of buyers & renters might not. You want to grab the attention of the buyer/renter in a positive way. Remember a WOW factor! Kitchen The kitchen is the heart of the home!  If you don’t have the

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