Stamp Duty Table

Per Assistant Tax Commissioner

In general the position of our office is that the fixed duty in the amount of $25.00 stated under Head 25(f) of the Schedule to the Stamp Duties Act 1976 (as amended) is a drafting error.  Any renewal of a lease, or agreement for a lease, or extension of a lease or agreement for a lease, that has been granted in consideration of a monthly rent, is in our opinion chargeable under Head 25 (b) in accordance with the table.  The current table is:

Amount or value of rent per month           Stamp Duty in $

(i) under 1,200                                                 75.00

(ii) 1,200 or more but under 1,500              100.00

(iii) 1,500 or more but under 2,500             150.00

(iv) 2,500 or more but under 3,500             200.00

(v) 3,500 or more but under 5,000              300.00

(vi) 5,000 or more                                           400.00

Any duplicate of such a lease would be chargeable under Head 22 of the said Schedule to fixed duty in the amount of $25.00.